Rabbit Trap
Director: Sergiu Pascaru
Script: Ion Borsci
DOP: Maria Dodon
Rabbit Trap
is a psychological drama story of a girl named Maria. A 10-year-old girl who was born from the strongest feelings of hatred, fear and disgust, you of her parents. It's the story of a family who chose to isolate themselves from people and everything human. It's the story of a mother who didn't wanted her child, and of a father, a loser hunter who only knows how to take care of animals.
Maria is forced to survive in the heart of this hurricane of misery. She endures the aggressive behavior of her parents, who have her mental and physical health. Maria becomes the man who has no place in this world. The relationship between the parents materializes over time as the wounds on the body of a 10-year-old child. The parents' mental problems have created an emotional slave who decided to keep silent in order to survive.
Into all this misery comes Veronica, the girl who brings light. Veronica brings a ray of sunshine and a breath of air, in opposition to this world. Her curiosity draws her into the darkness in which she finds herself... all the people she loves will drown. With every step
into the unknown, Veronica presses on the wounds that haven't caught that still ache. She becomes the point from which the characters will no longer be able to
to return.

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