1h 30m | 2020
Director: Maxim Chisnicean
Writers: Anatolii Bahov | Mariana Chisnicean | Maxim Chisnicean | Ronin Terente
Producer: Sergiu Pascaru
Co-Producer: Maxim Chisnicean
Composer: Elias Tadeus
Cinematographers: Maxim Chisnicean | Nicolae Cojocaru
Editor: Maxim Chisnicean
Memory - 80 min | 2020
Produced by No Prob
Coproducted by GabMaxFilm and Pascaru Production
   - With Financial support of National Center of Cinematographi, Republic of Moldova
Written by Ronin Terente
Directed by Maxim Chisnicean
Director of photographi - Maxim Chisnicean , Nicolae Cojoaru
Original Music - Elias Tadeus
Art director - Alexei Chisnicean, Maxim Chisnicean, Alic Petrov
Costume designer - Mariana Chisnicean
Editing - Maxim Chisnicean
Sound designer - Elias Tadeus
Color grading - Mihail pohileac
Producer \ Sergiu Pascaru, Maxim Chisnicean
Lead Actors: Mariana Chisnicean, Constantin Ipati
Supporting actors: Johny Alici, Anatolii Bahov, Mihail Turculet, Andrei Raciuc, Emilia Jeregi, Iurie Casap,
Mihaela Strimbeanu, Marius Turcanu
Synopsis ENG: Edmund and Mari wake up in the morning, in a city foreign to them, trying to find out who they are and where their house is. Everyone behaves as if they know again, only they don't remember anything, but then they understand that they can't leave this place anymore, they are closed and only a kind of lottery chooses who are leaving the place. All their attempts to find out fail.

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